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Whatever the motive, solitary sex in itself contradicts the meaning of human sexuality, which is meant by God to be shared between a man and a woman in marriage. You ask if masturbation is viewed as a mortal or venial sin. Remember, that for a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met.

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Generally speaking I believe masturbation is wrong since it fails to integrate sexuality into the service of love. This wrongness is not always grave; in fact, more times it is not. Catholic educators should openly teach that masturbation is not always a grave matter and most times.

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Yes, masturbation is definitely a sin. It is a mortal sin against both the Divine and the Natural Law. A mortal sin left unrepentant on a person’s soul when they die will always result in that person’s eternal damnation in Hell.

Masturbation in the Bible. In the Bible, all infertile methods of intercourse were subject to the death penalty: bestiality in Leviticus , homosexuality in Leviticus , withdrawal in Genesis Other passages to be considered are Deuteronomy , Luke Sep 08, · From the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Offenses against chastity. By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of .
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Implications of the church's teaching on masturbation: Thus, Roman Catholic men who follow the church teachings on masturbation can expect to experience a greater chance of death from this form of cancer and a shortened life expectancy on average. The church's ban on masturbation appears to be in opposition to its normal pro-life position.

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Mar 08, · Masturbation and the Catholic religion? I recently learned that masturbating is a sin in my religion. (catholic) i understand why you should wait to have sex untill you are married because you dont want to have the pleasure with someone you wont love forever but why is masturbation bad? everybody says its perfectly why is it Status: Resolved. The Catholic Church views masturbation as "an intrinsically and gravelydisordered action." Any sexual act outside of marriage not intended for procreation is considered inappropriate.

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Jan 19, · Ok, so I've hear that masturbation is normal and i some cases it's good for you, so i was just wondering if it was against the catholic religion to masturbate. i know that it is evil to lust but i don't look at anything or think of anything when i do it, i just do what feels good. but i kinda feel guilty like i wont go to heaven because i did Status: Resolved. Jan 01, · Masturbation is Exhibit A in the debate. Masturbation is entirely normal, not harmful or immoral in any way, and is an important part of responsible sexual maturity. The Catholic Church is profoundly, deeply wrong and damagingly repressed on this issue.

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